Master’s programme in Information and knowledge management?

Effective and efficient management of information and knowledge are critical for the success of enterprises and organisations in the contemporary society. This two-year programme prepares its graduates for challenging careers in the field of information and knowledge management.

The programme combines latest knowledge from the fields of information studies, organisation and management science and marketing in a unique way that gives its graduates a globally unparallelled, comprehensive cross-disciplinary competence that covers the management and use of information and knowledge in internal and external organisatory  processes with a comprehensive range of stakeholder groups.

The graduates of the programme acquire competence in the management of information and knowledge in organisations, information architecture and knowledge organisation, social media, competitive intelligence, information and knowledge strategies, management and leadership, and marketing management.

The programme is organised by the School of Business and Economics , which has been awarded the status of a Pedagogical Unit of Excellence within the Åbo Akademi University. The  different modules combine a broad range of relevant pedagogical methods including problem based learning, teamwork, workshops, individual and group excercises, seminars, and project work, together with lectures by the faculty, industry representants and international guests. The use of different working methods prepare the graduates to meet the challenges of contemporary and future worklife characterised by flexibility, virtual work, cooperation, teamwork and demand of analytical expertise and research skills. The modules are taught by faculty members and guests with both theoretical and practical expertise in their respective fields ranging from information studies, information and knowledge management and organisations studies to management science and marketing.

A successful completion of this full-time programme results in the award of a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree (Ekonomie magister). Graduates acquire both theoretical knowledge based on state-of-the-art research and practical hands-on experience in managing information and knowledge in organisations.

Study Environment

The information and knowledge management programme is located in the main academic campus of Åbo Akademi University in the heart of the city of Åbo where students have excellent opportunities to meet other students and interact with researchers and faculty members from the School of Business and Economics and other schools and departments.

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