Hello, I’m Jonni!

foto: Jessica Pettersson, Åbo Akademi

What is information and knowledge management? How to tell the world about a new master’s programme? The students participating the course Introduction to marketing at the School of Business and Economics at ÅAU pondered precisely these issues during their intensive 8 week course in autumn 2013.  The student teams coached by lecturer Johanna Lindström and course assistant Carolina Stubb developed communication plans and practical ideas for telling you the things you need to know about the programme. You can see some of the outcomes of the student work in this blog already now, and more is coming both online and offline. One of the ideas is Jonni, the eager student of IKM (seen on this blog and on the wall in the photo), who will be a part of all IKM related communication in the future. You might see him participating some classes next autumn, too!

Introduction to marketing is a 10 credit introductory course to marketing. The course is based on teamwork, interactive workshops (part of which are facilitated by students themselves) and collaborative learning instead of ‘traditional’ lecturing and exercises. The course is open for IKM master’s students and a recommended optional course for those who have not studied marketing before applying to the master’s programme.

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