Time to do IKM

file2991242657863Tess Rinearson wrote a month ago a to-the-point piece on Medium on the relativity of time (among other things). Her point was to contrast the learning of a venture capitalist that “there’s rarely a competitive advantage to solving problems slowly” (which is quite true) to his answer “these things take time. I’ve only been here for four years” to the second question: “why there weren’t any female partners at his firm”.

The discussion presented by Rinearson between the venture capitalist and students could be a discussion about information and knowledge management. There is really no competitive advantage in letting people to know the things they need to know now first tomorrow or in four years but still that these things take time and being here for four years does not mean that the issue would necessarily be solved.

But here, too the answer is that “trying’s not good enough”. If IKM was really a priority for a firm, it would have made it work. But probably not without an IKM professional.

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