Doctoral Student (alternatively post-doctoral researcher) in information studies (project HIBA)

Open doctoral student or post-doc position for IKM people at Åbo Akademi University:

Fixed-term employment for the period 1.4.2016-28.2.2019 (doctoral student) or 1.4.2016- 28.2.2018 (post-doctoral researcher).

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Information studies at Åbo Akademi University is inviting applications for a fixed-term employment as doctoral student for the period 1.4.2016-28.2.2019 or post-doctoral researcher 1.4.2016-28.2.2018 to the research project Health information behaviour in the context of e-health: the effect of a neglected element in a successful implementation of consumer focused health technologies for older adults (HIBA). An extension of the employment for 1-2 years might be possible depending on continued research funding after successful evaluation of the projects targets.

The HIBA-project is examining how the citizens health information behaviour is affecting the use of consumer focused health technologies and how these technologies efficiently can be tailored for older adults suffering from type 2 diabetes in order to generate individual and societal added value to traditional healthcare services. The doctoral student is expected to write a doctoral thesis within the subject frame of the project and to contribute to the goals of the project. The post-doctoral researcher should conduct independent research according to the goals of the project.

Eligible for a position as doctoral student, are those who have a Master’s degree in information studies or a similar subject and are admitted to the PhD program in the subject information studies at Åbo Akademi University, and are pursuing a doctoral dissertation. Eligible for the post-doctoral researcher position are researchers with a suitable doctoral degree in information science or in another relevant field. The PhD degree should generally be no older than four years.

A Master ́s degree and admission to the PhD program at Åbo Akademi University and an accepted research plan is a prerequisite for an employment as doctoral student. When assessing the doctoral students for possible employment the applicants study results in information studies or similar subjects are prioritized. Further an ability and motivation to complete their research plan is required. In addition for the project relevant methodological competence, research experience and/or other relevant skills are taken into account. Employed doctoral students are assigned tasks in connection with teaching, supervision or other tasks in accordance with the current general collective agreement for universities and individual work plans.

When assessing the post-doctoral researchers scientific competence the scientific merits the applicant has achieved are assessed in relation to the time elapsed since receiving his/her doctoral degree. In addition for the project relevant methodological competence, research experience and/or other relevant skills are taken into account. These could be knowledge within the research field of information studies regarding information behaviour, health information, survey research and advanced statistical competence. Further ability to successful scientific writing and publication, a capacity to long term independent scientific work and a very good ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing is required.

Knowledge in Finnish (or Swedish) are seen as a merit. In addition to scientific merits pedagogical competence is required.

The salary for doctoral students will be based on levels 1-4 and for post-doctoral researchers on levels 5-6 of the job demand level for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition a salary component based on personal work performance will be paid. See the salary chart for teaching and research staff.

The language requirements for teaching positions at Åbo Akademi University are defined in § 78 of the Universities Act (558/2009) and in the Åbo Akademi University internal language instructions, § 1 and 2. A foreigner or a non-native Finnish citizen may be exempt from the requirements of Swedish when the language of teaching is not Swedish. 

For additional information about the positions and work tasks, please contact docent, Isto Huvila, or HR Specialist Solveig Vaherkylä +3582 215 3367,

To the applications, which are addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, Business and Economics Malin Brännback the applicants should attach a CV, a copy of their Master ́s degree certificate, the decision about acceptance to the PhD program and a research plan (doctoral students). To the application for the position as post-doctoral researcher a copy of the applicants PhD degree certificate, an academic portfolio following the instructions for composing an academic portfolio and a summary of current work (max. 1 page) should be attached. A maximum of five publications they would like to have considered for assessing their competence should also be enclosed to the application as post-doctoral researcher.

Applications should be submitted by Tuesday, 10th of November at 3 p.m. (CET+1)

The applications should be sent either by post to Åbo Akademis kansli, Registrator, Domkyrkotorget 3, 20500 Åbo Finland or electronically to the university registry on: Please state “Doctoral student/post-doctoral researcher in information studies” in the subject field in the e-mail or on the envelope.

Åbo Akademi University is working for equal gender distribution and diversity in all staff categories.

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