William Stringfellow: My People is the Enemy. An Autobiographical Polemic.

This is another book i checked out for possible use in my course this fall, and also I haven’t read Stringfellow before. I won’t use it – there is not that much theology in it and since Stringfellow isn’t strictly speaking a theologian and this book is not that autobiographical it does not fit.

The book contains stories and commentary regarding the situation of the poor in Harlem in the 60’s, when Stringfellow lived and worked there as a lawyer for a few years. It is obviously not written to be read 50 years later, Stringfellow wants to open people’s eyes to what is going on now. So even if this probably is not the best book to start with if one wants to explore Strigfellows theology, it becomes fairly clear why people find him appealing: his is another exampel of a political theology that is not liberal. Based on this book, however, I cannot say if he brings anything important to the table.

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