Learning Experience in IKM

I am a second-year student of IKM, I come from northern part of China, which makes the winter in Finland not very scary for me. Now I am almost finishing my credits and working on my master thesis. But my learning experience in IKM will be remembered in my mind forever.

When I first read the information of this program, I got full of  question marks in my head. What could IKM be? What can I learn from it? When my study was eventually started, I realized all my concerns were meaningless. And I was impressed and still am impressed now by the following three things:

First of all, the doors of the lecturers are always open to students. Here in IKM or the whole Åbo Akademi University, students can always ask questions and talk with lecturers. No matter the lecturers are professors or docents, they are very nice and considerate to students. There is no hierarchy between teachers and students. The only thing that exists between them is just friendly atmosphere.

Second of all, flexible study plan. After the course: Introduction of IKM, a better understanding of this programme would be achieved. Then the study plan could be arranged based on personal requirements. Even though IKM covers wide range of knowledge, how to narrow down the field can be decided all by ourselves. In addition, academic projects are being conducted which will provide practical hints about what to learn. In addition, students have a chance to work for the project. In the end, such flexible study plan provides a room for us students to arrange our own learning, which is effective.

Last but not least, students, especially international students are taken good care by universities and Finnish government. This matter can be reflected by various things, student discounts for transportation, room renting or health care, the establishment of Student Union etc. I think all of those services for students demonstrate highly developed educational system in Finland. Plus the former two points, it is enough for me to say that my IKM learning experience or Finland learning experience is excellent.

Ming Zhan


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