Social Exclusion: Patterns of Oppression and Resistance


The aim of this course is to look at how questions of race, wealth and sexuality have developed from biblical texts and early Greek thinking into the colonial period of the modern enlightenment. We look at how questions of race, gender and class are intermingled in the Western secular worldview and how this affects indigenous populations as the Sami people and religious minorities in Finland today. We have a special focus on how the Abrahamic religions have been a source of both oppression and acted as an empowering force of resistance towards oppressive structures.


Online lectures, readings and essay writing each week as well as many practical exercises in communication.

When and where

10.01.- 18.03. 2022
Mondays and Fridays 14:15-15:45 ARK-E101, Arken Radiatorn (E101)

Laura Hellsten