EDGE is a research group at the School of Business and Economics at Åbo Akademi University. The focus of the group is issues surrounding business model innovation and revenue models in industries undergoing fundamental transformations.

EDGE’s role is to support and service innovative business model development to ensure the creation of profitable new business that enables sustained growth, regardless of industry. The goal of EDGE is to serve both large and small firms, from start-up to established corporations.

EDGE stands for:
Evolution – Creativity, Business Model Innovation, Renewal, Change
Design – Business Concept Design, Service Design, Strategy, Branding, Communications, Networks
Growth – Research & Analysis, Performance, Profitability
Entrepreneurship – Start-up, Growth, Technology, Corporate

EDGE research group focus on three research projects in 2012-2014:
1. Personal Media Day (PMD) = Consumers’ change in Media Behavior
2. Disruptive Business Models (DBM) = Media firms’ approach to find new sources of revenue and the process of open innovation
3. Mobile Value Services (MVS) = new advertising solutions combined with a personalized media experience