We at the EDGE group are really pleased with how a great and interesting day this turned out to be. Hopefully you enjoyed our seminar too. Once again, thanks to all who participated and to our fantastic keynote speakers whose presentations and insight lead to discussion and comments not only on site, but also on Twitter (#edgesemi).

The presentations can be viewed underneath. However, due to maximum upload limitations, the presentation slides are in this post as pictures. If someone wish to have some of the material in another format, please contact us. Sorry for the possible inconvenience and the minor adjustments that had to be made to some of the presentations.

Wish you all a sunny spring,

EDGE Research fellows

CUTTING EDGE MEDIA RESEARCH – Malin Brännback, Professor, Åbo Akademi

Link to the presentation on Prezi

THE CHANGING INFORMATION BEHAVIOR – Gunilla Widén, Professor, Åbo Akademi

MOBILE VALUE SERVICES – ENGAGING AUDIENCES – Anna-Greta Nyström, Post doc researcher, Åbo Akademi

THE NEW HELSINGIN SANOMAT – TABLOID, ONLINE AND MOBILE – Petteri Putkiranta, Business Director, Helsingin Sanomat

DIGITAL STRATEGY – CASE HBL – Fredrik Nars, Director Digital Media, KSF Media

THE FUTURE OF PRINT – Thomas Ehrnrooth, Vice President Marketing & Communications, UPM Paper Business Group

Link to the presentation on YouTube

MEDIANOMICS – Timo Ketonen, Doctoral Candidate and Project Manager, Åbo Akademi/EDGE Research Group. Service Business Designer & Partner, PALMU