The EDGE research group has for the past three years organized a seminar in Helsinki during Spring. This event will take place also in 2014 and as usual, the theme evolves around media and the media industry, This year we are looking into the future, sort of; our speakers will give interesting examples of innovative new services, how to work with customer understanding in developing future services as well as issues related to convergence and competition within the print media. Also, the EDGE researchers will bring forth the most interesting findings and epiphanies based on research projects conducted during the past academic year. We are very excited about the seminar!

The program of the seminar:

10.00-10.15                 Wake up coffee

10.15-10.30                 EDGE-research – a short presentation and the latest projects / Anna-Greta Nyström, EDGE & Åbo Akademi University

10.30-10.45                 The media world among the young – fragmented and confusing / Gunilla Widén, EDGE & Åbo Akademi University

10.45-11.15                 Developing new media products / Lotta Holm, KSF Media

11.15-11.45                 The tablet media as a platform / Sami Kalsi, Teknavi

11.45-12.00                 Stretch your legs and drink some more coffee

12.00-12.30                The new competitive field for new papers / Carl-Gustav Lindén, SSKH & University of Helsinki

12.30-13.00                Service development based on customer understanding / Niklas Kiviluoto, Palmu Evolution Oy

The seminar is moderated by Timo Ketonen, Palmu Evolution Oy, and will be held in Finnish. The seminar is by invitation only.