Center of Excellence midterm evaluation report 2012

November 28, 2012 Andreas Lundell

The Optimization and Systems Engineering group was appointed an internal Center of Excellence for the time-period 2010–14. In October 2012, a mid-term project report was finalized and an evaluation was performed by the university using an external reviewer.

The report described the progress in the individual work-packages including all publications and other results obtained during the reporting period. Eight PhD students have fully or partly been funded by the project. In addition, thirteen professors and other post doctoral researchers have been involved in the project.

From January 2010 to May 2012, a total of 90 publications were published: one monograph, four book chapters, 70 peer-reviewed journal papers as well as a large number of conference papers. According to the guidelines, the 10 most valued publications were also included in the report.

Below some additional quotes from the evaluator’s report in November 2012:

At 2.5 years into the program, the CoE has produced considerable research output and made significant breakthrough contributions in its thematic areas.

From the included 10 representative publications, it is quite clear that the quality of these publications is very high. The 10 publications represent the strengths of the CoE and demonstrate the world-class nature of the CoE’s research.

The CoE has engaged in strong scientific activities that promote excellent research productivity. The senior researchers of the CoE are highly visible at an international level. They are active in conference participation and organization and perform exemplary editorial and advisory roles in the scientific community. Moreover, there is an excellent plan to integrate CoE researchers with international collaborators. In particular, with an annual OSE seminar from an international panelist and research exchanges and extended visits of CoE researchers with the panelists, the CoE has ensured an exposure to leading international research and an essential cross-fertilization for the CoE’s activities. As a result of these activities, the CoE has made links to the strongest groups in MINLP and global optimization around the world. The CoE international scientific panel in this area is second to none.

The whole evaluation can be downloaded here.