Some of the results from our diary study, exploring daily media consumption habits, was published in a previous blog post (available here). However, we’re happy to announce that for those who are interested, the report Studying consumers everyday media consumption with e-diaries can now be found as whole under the previous link. A key finding in the study, among others, is that the typical media day is fragmented into smaller pieces, consisting of several types of media on different platforms. The media consumption patterns are, however, very much characterized by routines. Needless to say, media consumption also differs a lot depending on weekday, time of day and between gender and age-groups.

From a business and marketing point of view, it is of importance to understand what media people consume and when? How are routines maintained or how can they be changed? Due to the fact that media consumption is characterized by fragmentation, for businesses it is no longer a question whether or not to pay attention to the increased amount of channels, but more likely a must. The key question is however, how to benefit and develop an effective multi-channel strategy which is of added value both for customers and businesses? Results backing up these short thoughts and much more can as mentioned be found in the full report.

But please stay tuned! Some fresh findings from our survey study of Finns’ media consumption will be published within a couple of weeks. Almost 1000 people aged 15 – 80 following the geographical distribution of the Finnish population participated in the study which covers a wide range of media consumption from print newspapers, TV to mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets!

Until then, have a nice weekend!

Ron Lindqvist