We have a new cool and interesting research project underway. The EDGE research group is cooperating with Teknari, one of the forerunners in tablet magazines, in studying readers.

Teknari is a true innovator in digital publishing on both tablets and computers focused on technology and automotive. We are very excited to be able to contribute in retaining the status as a forerunner and adding value to Teknari readers.

The majority of the Finnish population has access to the Internet and, according to our research results, about 20% of the population has a tablet in use. This also means that the consumer becomes more skilled in using technology and in consuming media through new media channels. This results in additional press on online media services – what does the consumer really value? How can we make the media experience more personalized, both from the perspectives of content and marketing? What kind of mix of content and advertising would truly engage readers and bring the reader experience to a new level? These are just a few examples of many that many media companies struggle with. However, one thing is for sure: There’s no such thing as “one-fits-all” model in the fragmented media landscape of today, but finding one that works in the long term, it is crucial for media businesses to understand their users.

Together with Teknari the EDGE researchers plan to go deeper and below the surface in studying reader experiences. We are combining our experience and competence within consumer research with experts on usability and user experience, i.e. our colleagues at MediaCity. The collaboration and multi-method model will deliver in-depth knowledge of Teknari users and most important, added value to Teknari about the readers. We also believe that people, who enrich their lives through technology and forerunning digital media services as Teknari are motivated to contribute in improving these services even further.

Lets have some fun, together, within a field of common interest i.e. technology, value-adding digital services and Teknari! Lets read Teknari, “kaikilla aisteilla”!

-Ron Lindqvist & Anna-Greta Nyström