The academic year is near its end, and even media researchers need their holiday. Looking back at the year 2013 we have been busy bees and finalized several important projects. EDGE kicked off in mid 2011, 2012 focused on media consumption patterns (the personal media day of consumers) and 2013 was all about tablets and smartphones, aka mobile value services. The red thread through all these years is our interest in business models and how they change, evolve and disrupt the industry – an industry that is going through quite a turmoil. Disruptive business models continues to be EDGE researcher’s focus also in the future (and we’re all eagerly waiting for Timo’s dissertation 🙂 ). Equally important is our continuous research on media consumption patterns. However, we turn our focus to smartphones and tablets, and how mobile platforms change media consumption patterns.

Throughout the years we have established many important links to researchers, industry actors, entrepreneurs etc. and during 2013 we have worked with Teknari, KSF Media, MediaCity in Vaasa and Bonnier Publications. Our grateful thanks to all of you who worked with us this year! The projects will continue and we are very much looking forwards to next year. We have a set of extremely interesting research cases coming up.

On behalf of the EDGE team I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to continuing making sense of the media industry also in 2014.

And last but not least – have a look at what we did with the Teknari crew. This is us.

The Teknari case, featuring MediaCity