Cyberfeminism: from dualism to pluralism

We  are living in a transitional phase, scenarios of change are not yet well defined, the web it’s one of the last free space, in internet people are completely free, the virtual world is becoming our real world, the question is why the people are so deeply interested in live in  parallel universe?

Showing ourselves has becoming a way to exist.

Internet world has become the ontological proof of human existence .

People use internet to kill loneliness, the paradox is that people use internet to escape from the  loneliness that internet itself has created  .

People want to feel important,  internet it’s an easy way, it’s a meritocratic world where everyone has a chance,  it’s easy not to feel judged in the web world, for this reason   technology is not the enemy but is a source of new forms of identity, thanks to Internet the concept of Humanity is changing itself.  before Internet era, the simplest conception of the wordl was a  binary conception, there was a dualism in every aspect of life: good and evil; mind body; woman and man, but   only if we think of the multiplicity we can understand the complexity of the power relations that are numerous and complex ,only in this way  we could achieve the eradication of classical vision of the female subject. Probably this is the aim of cyberfeminism eradicate the old conceptions of the world and overcome the dualism to reach a new conception of woman, the identity is becoming more and more complex to follow the complexity of the  world.

Cyberfeminsm and cyberspace is a mirror of the new postmodern world a world without discrimination without differences and without  judgments. We can easily describe cyberfeminism as a new state of mind, a new way of thinking where everyone can overcome the old conception of the human dualism, in internet doesn’t exist the idea of man and woman doesn’t exist materialism, behind the computer screen we are all the same, we have the same opportunity and the same voice. In the modern society is becoming much more difficult to fight for our ideas, or for our dreams, and internet offer an opportunity to everyone, several opportunities and people can decide the best way to use this media, feminism has a new opportunity thanks to internet and thanks to the modern society.

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  1. acid amino says:

    This article has inspired me to continue writing on my own blog

  2. apalmgre says:

    Is internet a place where people are completely free? How? Why? Can you give examples? Free from social norms? Free from biological limitations? A researcher who wrote a lot about this in the beginning of the 90s is Sherry Turkle, but lately she has changed her view on internet and writing the opposite. Another researcher that could be interesting for you to read is Lisa Nakamura, and especially the book Cybertypes. Race, Ethnicity and Identity on the Internet.

    I like your reflection about cyberfeminism and what it could mean.

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