Avbrott i RefWorks 16-17.2.2014


Det blir ett avbrott i användningen av RefWorks 16-17.2. För mer information se här nedan (på engelska).

Dear Customer:

 On February 15, 2014 ProQuest RefWorks will make improvements to its internal systems to accommodate a growing number of users and reduce the need for future downtime. An eight hour (8) maintenance window is needed to perform these enhancements, lasting from 3:00 UTC through 11:00 UTC. 

During this time period RefWorks users can expect sporadic availability, including short periods of complete downtime. We anticipate that access issues and possible functionality problems will last anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes. If you experience issues with RefWorks during this maintenance window we recommend that you close your browser session, and return to RefWorks at a later time. 

 See below the time zones.

British Standard Time: Sunday, February 16 at 03:00 for eight (8) hours

Central/Western European Time: Sunday, February 16 at 04:00 for eight (8) hours

 We welcome customer feedback. Please email your comments to refworks.support@proquest.com or visit www.proquest.com/go/suggestions.


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