Accepted papers and posters

Following submissions have been accepted for presentation (oral presentation or poster) at the ASIS&T European Workshop 2013. A preliminary programme of the workshop will be published in May.
  • Kim Holmberg and Mike Thelwall. Disciplinary Differences in Selected Scholars’ Twitter Transmissions
  • Anke Reinhold. Orienting strategies in the domain of video studies in educational research – Applying the socio-cognitive view on browsing to the design and evaluation of a research data ontology
  • Isto Huvila, Carolina Larsson, Daniel Löwenborg, Bodil Petersson, Per Stenborg and Nicolò Dell’Unto. Archaeological information in the digital society
  • Jannica Heinstrom and Eero Sormunen. Students’ personal ways to work and learn within a collaborative Wikipedia writing assignment
  • Leigh Ann Hamel. Digitisation of subculture publications in cultural research institutions
  • Jela Steinerova. Information interactions as part of digital scholarship
  • Winnie Tam, Jenny Fry and Steve Probets. The disciplinary shaping of research data management practices
  • Maria Kronqvist-Berg. 242 followers: User participation and information activities on public library Facebook pages
  • Sara Kjellberg, Gunilla Wiklund and Hanna Voog. Developing research support services – Focus group interviews as a method for librarians to understand the everyday life of researchers
  • DOME Project. DOME: Deployment of Online Medical records and E-health services
  • Jenny Fry. Considerations in adopting a ‘disciplinary’ analysis of scholarly communication and information behaviours
  • Isabella Peters, Sarah Hartmann and Agnes Mainka. Social Media Use and Outreach of Selected Public Libraries in Informational World Cities
  • Johanna Rivano Eckerdal. Girl virus? Information practices regarding HPV-vaccination in Swedish school healthcare
  • Laura Schumann, Steffen Rölike and Wolfgang G. Stock. Hotspots and Free WiFi in a Ubiquitous City. Do they Serve Citizens’ Information Needs? The U-City Oulu as a Case Study
  • Tamara Heck. Combining different learning strategies to foster collaborative learning in a retrieval literacy course
  • Teija Oikarinen. The Digitalization of Archaeological Data on the Threshold of the eScience Era (an extended abstract for poster presentation)
  • Barbara Wildemuth, Luanne Freund and Elaine Toms. Designing Known-Item and Fact-Finding Search Tasks for Studies of Interactive Information Retrieval
  • Adam Girard. E-book Research: Is it Time to Take the Contextual Turn?
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