Accepted presentations

Bacon, Hannah

Sinful Eating: An Expression of Female Domination or Female Power?

Beghelli, Marco

“Panis angelicus”: From St. Thomas Aquinas to Luciano Pavarotti

Björkman, Nina

Ramadan behind bars

Blomqvist, Nana

Consumption and abstention: Alienating food consumption

Desjardins, Michel

Imaging Jesus with food

Duppils, Sara

The Wiccan Way: Food as a Magic and Ritual Component

Filocamo, Gioia

Hungry women: Sin and rebellion through food and music in the early modern era

Grünhagen, Celine

Seeding cosmic harmony: An appraisal of spiritual approaches to food production such as anthroposophical agriculture

Gutierrez, Andrea Lorene

Too Much to Chew: Ambivalence toward Betel Leaf Consumption in Sanskrit Sources

Haapalainen, Anna

Transatlantic Student and Teacher Collaboration on Food and Religion: Experiences and Ideas

Jacobs, Stephen

Sattvic Foods: Soteriological and Therapeutic Diets in Traditional Yoga and Contemporary Hindu Meditation Movements

Kasstan, Ben

The taste of trauma: Reflections of ageing Shoah survivors on food and how they (re)inscribe it with meaning

Keinänen, Marja-Liisa

Bread – a gift of God: Ritualisation of bread-related practices in the vernacular religion of Russian Karelia

Krone, Adrienne

“A Shmita Manifesto”: A radical Sabbatical Approach to Jewish Food Reform in the United States

Malieckal, Bindu

Spice Wars: Trade and Religious Conflict in 16th Century Portuguese India

Mehta, Samira K.

A Kosher Christmas Dinner: Food, Tradition, and the Christian-Jewish Interfaith


Mitrofanova, Anastasia

Fasting practices of the Orthodox Christians in contemporary Russia

Moberg, Marcus

“Does God Care About Your Weight?”: Constructing the Evangelical Consumer through the Marketing of Devotional Diets

Mulhern, Aldea

There’s Kashrut, and then there’s “Eating Jewishly”

Nordby, Pernille A.

Spirituality and conceptions of the body among persons with alternative diets in contemporary Norway

Plank, Katarina

Sticky Rice and Karma – Food and Gender in Thai Buddhism in Sweden

Pihkala, Panu

Ecotheology and Theology of Eating: Convergencies and Controversies

Raippalinna, Liia

Sacred borders in secular talk about food

Ramstedt, Tommy

Too alternative? Discourses on extreme diets within the Finnish alternative spiritual milieu

Rodrigues de Souza, Patricia

Food in African Brazilian Candomblé

Räty, Risto

The origins of vegetarianism in the SDA church

Salem, Miriam Abu

Religious dietary rules and the protection of Religious Freedom: some evidences from practice in Italy

Salonen, Anna Sofia

The Christmas celebration & secondary consumers: Observations from food banks in Finland

Sandelin, Karl-Gustav

Questions of food in Early Christianity

Schader, Miriam

More important than bread-and-butter issues? Brightand blurred boundaries related to

“forbidden” food

Schanbacher, William D.

American Exceptionalism, Power, and Control of the Global Food System

Schuster, Paulette

Habaneros and Shwarma: Jewish Mexicans in Israel as a Transnational Community

Segura, Natalia Moragas

Contexts offering and ritual food in the archaeological and pictographic record in central Mexico

Singh, Devinder

Dialectics of traditions:  Religious Belief System and Changing Food Habits of Displaced Kashmiri Pandits in India

Ståhle, Göran

“Food is your medicine”: Ayurvedic dietary advice from the perspective of the psychology of religion

Swartz, Karen

You are what you eat: an examination of calls for a vegetarian diet on Anthroposophy-related websites

Söderlind, Ulrica

Three religions- one city

Walsh, David

The Nature of Food: Climate Change, Caribou, and Dene Foodways

Westman, Anna

Sami sacrificial meals

Wickström, Laura

Implications of Islamic Food Regulations on the Muslim Market

Wood, Martin

Blessed Food from Jalarām’s Kitchen – Narrative, Continuity and Service among Jalarām Bāpā Devotees in London

Zamorska, Joanna

Prestige and alcohol in South Mexican Catholic Fiesta

(Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico)

Övrebö, Else Marie

How do kindergarten personnel act regarding food and religion?