Symposium Programme

Donner Symposium
Religion and Food
The final programme
Wednesday 25.6

09.00 Registration and coffee
09.45 Words of welcome
      Director Emeritus of the Donner Institute, 
      Docent Tore Ahlbäck 
10.00 Keynote
      Prof. Benjamin Zeller: Totem and taboo in the grocery store
11.00 Music
      Vocal Ensemble Giardino Novo
11.15 Donner Prize Winner 2014
      Dr. Elina Hankela, University of Helsinki/
      University of Johannesburg
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Paper Session 1
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Paper Session 2
18.30 Guided walk in historical Turku
19.30 Reception at the Donner Institute

Thursday 26.6

08.30 Paper Session 3
10.00 Coffee
10.30 Paper Session 4
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Keynote
      Prof. Gunnar af Hällström: Daily bread or heavenly 
      bread? The meals of early church, reflections of Christian
      ideology and search for identity.
14.30 Coffee
15.00 Paper Session 5
19.00 Conference Dinner
      Cruise with the Steamship Ukkopekka

Friday 27.6

08.30 Paper Session 6
10.00 Coffee
10.30 Paper session 7
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Keynote
      Dr. Graham Harvey: Respectfully eating or not eating
      horses, pigs, ants or carrots: defining religion as everyday 
      food rules
14.30 Closing of the conference
      Director of the Donner Institute, Docent Ruth Illman
14.45 Coffee and farewells