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Doctoral defence: Mats Nyhom

FM Mats Nyhom will defend his doctoral thesis Friday, 14 May, 2021 at 5 pm.

The thesis is entitled Searchers After Horror: Understanding H. P. Lovecraft and His Fiction.

The opponent is Professor Timothy Murphy, Oklahoma State University, USA, and the chair is Associate Professor Jason Finch.

You are welcome to follow the event online using this link:

An online version of the thesis is available in Doria:

Thesis Festival 2021

The English Department’s online Thesis Festival will take place on Wednesday 19 May, starting at 4:15 pm, in Zoom at



Presentations of thesis work

 Lisa Martin-Harewood (BA):

“American and British English – Orthographic and Lexical Tendencies of Finland Swedish Secondary School EFL Learners”       

Meredith Brown (BA/MA):

“A Comparative Case Study of NESTs in Two EFL Contexts: South Korea and Finland”

 Jannika Siimelä (MA):

“Finland-Swedish Upper Secondary School Students’ Perspectives on Development and Assessment of Speaking Skills : A Case Study of the Effects of Pedagogical Intervention”


Matilda Söderbacka (MA):

“ ‘And the earth was without form and void’ : The Paradoxical Nature of Formlessness in Eleanor Wilner’s ‘Reading the Bible Backwards’”

Sara Hänninen (MA):

“The Use of Anglicisms in German, Swedish and Finnish Newspaper Advertising”

 Charlotte Stormbom (PhD):

“Gendered language in flux : The use of epicene pronouns in EFL and ELF writing”