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SPREMI 17 October: Dr Joanna Pitura

You are most welcome to attend the SPREMI seminar on Thursday, 17 October (15-17 in Kramer (M220), Arken) when Dr Joanna Pitura (Pedagogical University Krakow, Poland) will be speaking about “Designing technology-mediated genre-based instruction to develop L2 speaking skills among English Philology students”.



SPREMI 17 May: Dr Svante Lindberg

Dr Svante Lindberg (French Language and Literature, Åbo Akademi):
“Exiguïté et scènes d’énonciation : sur la littérature francophone des provinces « anglophones » du Canada”
Thursday 17 May 3-5pm (Jöns Budde)


La communication sera faite en français. Questions également en suédois et en anglais.
The talk will be given in French. Questions also in Swedish and English.

Welcome! Bienvenue!