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PREMIS 27 February: Kevin Doyle

Welcome to the first PREMIS session of the year! On 27 February, we have Kevin Doyle speaking. He is a playwright who is currently Invited Artist at the KONE foundation Saari Residence. He will come and share some of his thoughts on US politics, on his travels  in the US and abroad, and on his work in dramaturgy. We are meeting 16-18 in Helikon, Arken. Please see the poster for the event here.

PREMIS 21 November: Guy Gunaratne

Welcome to the November PREMIS seminar where author Guy Gunaratne will be speaking with the title “The Englishness of Street Verse”! See the poster here.

Guy will also host a seminar on Contemporary London Literature with Jason Finch on Tuesday 20 November 16-18, to which all students, staff, and researchers are welcome. Please sign up by Monday 12 November by sending an e-mail to On 13 November a text for discussion in the seminar will be circulated to those who have signed up.