Institutum Judaicum campus lectures in November and December

Four open lectures on Jewish topics

In November in Theologicum, Piispankatu/Biskopsgatan 16, Turku/Åbo
In December in Arken (Auditorium Armfelt), Tehtaankatu/Fabriksgatan 2, Turku/Åbo
All are warmly welcome! No pre-registration. Sessions take approximately 90 minutes (incl. discussion).


November 9th, 17.00

An evening in the memory of Kristallnacht (November, 9th-10th, 1938)

Victims, Survivors, and “Authentic” Sites of Nazi Persecution

Victoria Van Orden Martínez (PhD candidate in History, Linköping University, Sweden)



November 14th, 18.00 

Yiddish Gems in the Finnish Harry Orvomaa Record Collection 

Simo Muir (Senior Lecturer in Yiddish, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden)



November 28th, 17.00 

Constructing Public Judaism in Sweden: between synagogues, architects and congregations 

Daniel Leviathan (PhD candidate in Jewish studies, Lund University, Sweden)



December 12th, 18.00

The Western Wall and Theories of Conspiracy: Jews and Judaism in Swedish Schools

Lena Roos (Professor, Study of Religion, Södertörn University)

Arken, Aud. Armfelt

This lecture will be also streamed in Zoom


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