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Institutum Judaicum Aboense session in TUTP 2024 research conference

The Research Conference in Theology and Religion invites and gathers researchers of the field to the unique joint national conference on 22nd to 24th of May, 2024, in Turku!

Call for papers is published.

Institutum Judaicum Aboense is the host of the session

Jewish Studies in Finland Today

This session focuses on the present day research in Jewish studies – other than the research on antisemitism – in Finland (N.B. the exclusion of the research on antisemitism is only pragmatic; there will be a special conference session dedicated to this topic). Within the frame of this session, the definition Jewish studies is understood in the broadest interdisciplinary sense and should not be restricted merely to studies taking place in the departments of Theology or Study of Religion. It is desirable that in this forum the breadth of the academic study of Judaism becomes visible, and topics ranging from antiquity to present day as well as from textual studies to aspects of lived religion, and anything in between, are welcome.

Session leaders:

Pekka Lindqvist, Åbo Akademi University/Institutum Judaicum Aboense,

Riikka Tuori, University of Helsinki

Institutum Judaicum Aboense Guest Lecture on Ethiopian Jews

Warmly welcome to the open lecture by Prof. Galia Sabar

”Ethiopian Jews: the long quest for Zion”

on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 15.00 in Runda rummet, Department of Theology, Biskopsgatan / Piispankatu 16, Åbo / Turku

The lecture will be streamed in Zoom. Link will be send to those who have registered themselves by e-mail to no later than Monday, October 2.
(Registration only for the online-participants.)

Antisemitism in the Finnish Church and Society, Past and Present

Monday, 8 May 2023, at 17.30-19.30 in Auditorium Theologicum, Department of Theology (Biskopsgatan 16, Åbo)

Dr. Paavo Ahonen: Lutheran priests and antisemitism in late 19th and early 20th century Finland

Doc. André Swanström: Finnish SS-men, military chaplains, and antisemitism

Dr. Mercédesz Czimbalmos: “Actually, criminalising Judaism sounds quite good!” – New waves of antisemitism in Finland 


The evening will be streamed in Zoom. Those wishing to participate via Zoom, should register themselves per e-mail to no later than Fri, 5 May.






Institutum Judaicum campus lectures in November and December

Four open lectures on Jewish topics

In November in Theologicum, Piispankatu/Biskopsgatan 16, Turku/Åbo
In December in Arken (Auditorium Armfelt), Tehtaankatu/Fabriksgatan 2, Turku/Åbo
All are warmly welcome! No pre-registration. Sessions take approximately 90 minutes (incl. discussion).


November 9th, 17.00

An evening in the memory of Kristallnacht (November, 9th-10th, 1938)

Victims, Survivors, and “Authentic” Sites of Nazi Persecution

Victoria Van Orden Martínez (PhD candidate in History, Linköping University, Sweden)



November 14th, 18.00 

Yiddish Gems in the Finnish Harry Orvomaa Record Collection 

Simo Muir (Senior Lecturer in Yiddish, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden)



November 28th, 17.00 

Constructing Public Judaism in Sweden: between synagogues, architects and congregations 

Daniel Leviathan (PhD candidate in Jewish studies, Lund University, Sweden)



December 12th, 18.00

The Western Wall and Theories of Conspiracy: Jews and Judaism in Swedish Schools

Lena Roos (Professor, Study of Religion, Södertörn University)

Arken, Aud. Armfelt

This lecture will be also streamed in Zoom


Finlands och Åbos judiska liv förr och nu / Suomen ja Turun juutalaisten elämää ennen ja nyt

Temakvällar i Åbo stadsbibliotek / Teemaillat Turun pääkirjastossa

Kvällarna är tvåspråkiga.  Illat ovat kaksikielisiä.

24.10.   18.00-19.30

i Åbosynagogan

Judiskt liv i Åbo: Gamla – och lite nyare – minnen i hemmen och synagogan. Harry Serlo, Mikael Zewi och Rebecca Hasenson delar med sig av sina släkters historia.

Turun juutalaisten elämää: Vanhoja muistoja – ja vähän uudempiakin – kotoa ja synagogasta. Sukujensa tarinoita jakamassa Harry Serlo, Mikael Zewi ja Rebecca Hasenson.

31.10   18.00-19.30


Judiskt liv i Åbo och Finland: Om livet i en liten gemenskap som värnar om sina rötter och blickar mot framtiden. Miiu Hasan, Joel Hasan och Chaya Votkin.

Turun ja Suomen juutalaisten elämää: Näin elää pieni yhteisö, ammentaa juuristaan ja katsoo tulevaisuuteen. Kertojina Miiu Hasan, Joel Hasan ja Chaya Votkin.