SPREMI programme 2018-2019

SPREMI meets on Thursdays, every second week, 15-17, in Jöns Budde. One slot ise still available for a presentation this autumn, and of course, many slots in the spring. Do not hesitate to contact me or Urpo if you’d like to present work at SPREMI this autumn.

Spremi programme 2018-2019

All the best,
Tuija (& Urpo)

Introductory lectures on Monday 3 September 2018

The new academic year at the department starts with three introductory lectures on Monday 3 September:

  • New students: 9-10 in Westermarck (C101)
  • ‘Old’ BA students: 11-12 in Helikon (A202)
  • MA students: 12-13 in Helikon (A202)

The introduction is an important occasion where you will get a lot of essential information concerning your studies. So do come along!

SPREMI 17 May: Dr Svante Lindberg

Dr Svante Lindberg (French Language and Literature, Åbo Akademi):
“Exiguïté et scènes d’énonciation : sur la littérature francophone des provinces « anglophones » du Canada”
Thursday 17 May 3-5pm (Jöns Budde)


La communication sera faite en français. Questions également en suédois et en anglais.
The talk will be given in French. Questions also in Swedish and English.

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SPREMI 3 May: Dr David Chataignier

Dr David Chataignier (French Language and Literature, Åbo Akademi):
“Truth and fiction in travel accounts of the Orient: The imaginary journey of Georges Guillet de Saint George in Ottoman Greece (1675-1676)”
Thursday 3 May 3-5pm (Jöns Budde)


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