Spremi, Språkvetenskapliga forskarseminariet vid Åbo Akademi

Fall 2019

PLACE: Jöns Budde,

TIME: Thursdays every second week (even weeks) 15:15-17.




Week 38 (19 September 2019)

Irina Spita (Russian Language and Literature) Russian diminutives in two post WWII novels


Week 40 (3 October 2019)

Jutta Rosenberg (Finnish Language) Hashtags and Syntax


Week 42 (17 October 2019)

Joanna Pitura (Pedagogical University of Krakow) Designing technology-mediated genre-based instruction to develop L2 speaking skills among English Philology students.

NB! This time we will meet in aud KRAMER (and not in Jöns Budde as we normally do)


Week 44 (31 October 2019)

Gustav Olsson (Åbo universitet, Russian Language) Oregelbunden ordbildning – låneverb i ryskan och bildandet av aspektpar


Week 46 (14 November 2019)

Martin Gill (English Language and Literature) ‘Post-civility’ and the public sphere: the Brexit debate in comments to Express online”.


Week 48 (28 November 2019)

Sofie Henricson (Swedish Language) Linguistic Landscapes


Week 50 (12 December 2019)

Camilla Vásquez (University of South Florida) TBA (NB! We may need a bigger room for this talk.)

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