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Peter J. Leithart: Defending Constantine. The Twilight on an Empire and the Dawn of Christendom.

This book is an odd one: on the one hand, it is definitely worth reading, and I learned a lot from it. On the other it is completely absurd in many of its central purposes, and it IMO fails completely … Fortsätt läsa

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Hauerwas’s Writings on the Church

In honor of Miika Tolonen who is defending his thesis Witness Is Presence. Reading Stanley Hauerwas in a Nordic Setting (yes, it is available online for free) today, here is a guide to Hauerwas’s writings on ecclesiology. Many would say … Fortsätt läsa

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Stanley Hauerwas: Truthfullness and Tragedy: Further Investigations in Christian Ethics

By this third book, in 1977, most of the Hauerwasian themes have started to appear and the form of the book is established. We get a some methodological articles, dealing mostly with ”story” as an ethical concept, some that deal … Fortsätt läsa

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Stanley Hauerwas: Vision and Virtue. Essays in Christian Ethical Reflection.

I have brought these essays together in the hope that they will prove to be useful for classes in Christian ethics. These essays develop a perspective that has been sadly lacking in much of recent Christian ethics. I wish, however, … Fortsätt läsa

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Dagens psalm visar inte bara på att kyrkan har mera att erbjuda än dur och moll (bokstavligen). Här finns också en gnistrande beskrivning av det kristna människoidealet Guds Ande, gör mig stark och from, förnöjd och oförfärad. Nu är ju … Fortsätt läsa

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