The Complete Guide to the Books by Stanley Hauerwas

Almost complete now, this is a list of all published books by Hauerwas, excluding only edited works. I have grouped the books under various headings, and all the titles of his essays are listed in the post on each book so you can easily search for a particular title using the search function on the site. I’ll be adding more themed guides as need for the arises. Anyone who wants to contribute one of those, feel free to contact me!

The Obvious Place to Start

  • The Hauerwas Reader (2001) – A big collection of articles that cover most of the themes in Hauerwas’s production. A brilliant collection, and it includes a guide to further reading.
  • The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics (with Samuel Wells) (2004, 2nd ed 2011) – A work that is mostly written by students of Hauerwas. Besides ”Hauerwasian” treatments of most ”ethical” themes one can imagine, it contains a long introduction written by Hauerwas and Wells that is a convenient short overview of Hauerwas’s mature position.

The Monographs

Most of Hauerwas’s books are more or less loosely themed collection of essays. There are a few books that are ”proper” books though. In chronological order:

The Long List of Collections of Essayes.

In Chronological order:

Books of Prayers, Sermons and Meditations

The Collaborations

Books written as a collaboration between Hauerwas and another writer, either so that all texts are signed by both writers, or so that the book consists of a dialogue between the two writers.

Themed Guides

Webpages and online resources

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  1. Dmitriy skriver:

    Thank you very much for this guide, Mr Hagman! i study theology at Orthodox university in Moscow and explore books by S. Hauerwas. Your guide was really useful for my research!

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