Teaching next year

We held a meating today in the department deciding on what courses will bo offered next year. I am very happy with the result – I will be able to concentrate on reserach the entire fall semester, and then teach my butt off in the spring, which means that I can use my various sources of income fairly effectively and divide my time between writing and teaching.

I will thus teach both Ethics and dogmatics next year. Even though I have come to enjoy teaching ethics immensely – thank God for Hauerwas – dogmatics is still my own field, and I really enjoy trying to show the students why they need to know Christian doctrine.

I will also teach a course on environmental ethics and ecotheology, which means I will have to read a bit more, since I am not that familiar with ecotheology especially (pointers about reading are welcome!), but it is a field I want to be familiar with, so that is also good.

And finally I’ll teach a course on theology and autobiography, where we’ll be reading theologians memoir’s, starting of course with Augustine and ending with Hauerwas. I’m not sure what I’ll fit in there between, but I am sure it will be a fun course that will attract good students. I will do it throughout the year with a session maybe every third week so there will be a lot of time to read in between. I am really looking forward to this.

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