Michael Moorcock: A Nomad of the Time Streams

This volume includes the book I reviewd a few weeks ago and the two following novels in the same series. It is more of the same really – a mixture of ”what if x never happened” that is alternative versions of possible 20th centuries, mixed with quite a bit of political thinking. Highly entertaining. I also makes one feel smart by picking up on references to various historical figures.

There is quite a bit of some slightly dodgy philosophy in these books too – the idea is that some characters reoccur either in different stories in different roles, and some historical characters like Stalin, Gandhi, Reagan (that’s fascinating since the book was written in -72) etc appear in different circumstances. They are still the same regardless of their context which is fun but not very believable.

I have ordered another volume of Moorcock’s, but I feel that unless it has some interesting new stuff in it this theme will get repetitive. I’ll keep you posted!

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