de Gruchy (ed.): The Cambridge Companion to Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is not one of the huge tomes that has been published by the dozens the last decade but a slimmer volume (published in 1999) that collects 13 articles about Bonhoeffer’s life and work. Largerly what you’d expect but it serves its purpose well: it gives the short biography (in fact little more than a summary of Bethge’s book), a useful overview of the then newly published complete works of Bonhoeffer, a somewhat disappointing article on the Bonhoeffer reception, to me one of the most difficult aspects of studying Bonhoeffer. Then we have articles on the key parts of his thinking: the church, Christology, Peace, Discipleship and so on. And the mandatory text on ”Bonhoeffers spirituality”.

I would have liked more references to useful studies, ”Further reading” tips in each chapter. But otherwise a useful introduction to one of the most interesting theologians of the 20th century.

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