Stanley Hauerwas: Christian Existence Today. Essays on Church, World, and Living In Between.

You could make the argument that some of Hauerwas books are marketed in a misleading way, i.e. they give the appereance of being studies of a particular subject but in fact tend to include essays on quite diverse themes. I guess that is one reason that I think this guide is worth its while.

This one is sort of a double exception: on the one hand its titel is vague to say the least, on the other hand it is rather focused, and in fact gather together some articles on themes not widely discussed by Hauerwas elsewhere.

In particular it contains a number of articles on the ministry which makes this a good book for those that are concerned with how to be a good pastor or priest (or how to educate them). It also contains a number of other Hauerwas classics, such as ”Peacemaking: The Virtue of the Church”, an essential article for understanding the connection between Hauerwas pacifism and ecclesiology; and ”How Christian Universities Contribute to the Corruption of Youth”, a tough discussion of how Christian educators need to negotiate liberal society.There are several more, that together make this one of Hauerwas best collecttions of essays. If what Hauerwas writes in Hannah’s Child is true, that this is one of his least read books, this is a shame indeed.


  1. A Tale of Two Stories: On Being Christian and a Texan
  2. The Church as God’s New Language
  3. Reconciling the Practice of Reason: Casuistry in a Christian Context
  4. Peacemaking: The Virtue of the Church
  5. The Gesture of a Truthful Story
  6. The Ministry of a Congregation: Rethinking Christian Ethics for a Church-Centered Seminary
  7. Clerical Character
  8. The Pastor as Prophet: Ethical Reflections on an Improbable Mission
  9. A Christian Critique of Christian America
  10. Virtue in Public
  11. Hope Faces Power: Thomas More and the King of England
  12. Truth and Honor: The University and the Church in a Democratic Age
  13. How Christian Universities Contribute to the Corruption of Youth
  14. Taking Time for Peace: The Ethical Significance of the Trivial


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