Henriksen, Kurtén (eds.): Crisis and Change. Religion, Ethics and Theology under Late Modern Conditions.

This brand new book, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing includes twelve articles written in the joint research project between us in Åbo and a group of researchers at the (MF) Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo that I have been part of. As such collections tend to be it is rather diverse but deals with various theological, philosophical and ethical subjects in Late modernity.

I am quite proud of my own article: ”Post-Secularity and Post-Constantinianism: The Case of the Evangelical Church in Finland”. I use Yoder to assess the current situation of the Lutheran Church in Finland and point out some possible ways forward. I would love for it to be read so if you’re interested I think I am entitled to send you a copy if you ask for it.

To rest of the book is well worth reading as well! Here is the description from the back cover:

A common basis for the project on which this volume is based is that one cannot understand religion and ethics without paying attention to the different contexts in, and by means of which, these cultural elements are expressed. This approach makes both religion and ethics liquid, and allows us to see them as based on specific contingencies rather than as expressions of some essential features.

The changing societal and cultural conditions in late modern Western societies pose new challenges for established religion, theology and ethics: Not only does religion itself appear to be in some kind of crisis, but also many of the established ways of understanding and doing religion, theology and ethics appear obsolete, inadequate or dated. Against such a backdrop, the articles in the present volume represent attempts to rethink theology and religion with regard to these late modern conditions.

The volume is the result of a joint undertaking of two research groups, one based in Åbo, Finland, and the other in Oslo, Norway, which have since 2006 focused on exploring the contextual character of theology in understanding both Christian belief and Christian ethics.

The challenge of the idea that Christianity appears in new ways – and in “new” contexts, and of investigating what that means, is pursued in various ways.

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