Jürgen Moltmann: Experiences in Theology

Experiences in Theology is marketed as a kind of autobiographical introduction to Moltmann’s theology, which is the reason I read it, for possible use in a course using theological autobiographies. This is false marketing. There are some personal comments (added up probably about five pages) but they or completely uninteresting, so I won’t use the book for the course. I still found it usefull since it not only introduces Moltmann’s own thinking but his take on various ”liberation” theologies. So it was good to read up a bit on various types of theology that I don’t really like (Though there was something about Minjung theology that made me curious). I think Hauerwas is execatly right when he says that Moltmann’s political theology makes the world more coherent than it is. Moltmann still wants Christians to take up the political cause of emancipation and justice. I am more interested in Christians being Christians, as a much more politically radical choice.

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