Stanley Hauerwas & William Willimon: The Truth About God. The Ten Commandments in Christian Life.

This, of course, is a commentary to the ten commandments and as such it is probably ok. As with the other collaborations between Hauerwas and Willimon, one has the feeling that it is mostly Willimon that does the writing, with bits of Hauerwas thrown in.This can be exemplified by the primary sources in the book: Luther and Calvin, not exactly Hauerwas’s two faviourite authors.

I enjoy, however, identifying the Hauerwas bits. This is my favourite in this book: On the relationship between worship and ethics: ”You start by singing a sentimental hymn, then you pray a pointless prayer, and suddenly you have murdered your best friend” (quoted from memory).

The book, to me, is ruined by the same kind of moralizing that ruins Resident Aliens, especially regarding premarital sex. The best part, unsurprisingly, is the commentary on ”Thou shalt not bear false witness”.


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