Forskarseminariet i filosofi vt 2022

Måndagar 18-20

24.1 Martin Gustafsson (ÅA): ”Why worry about Weierstrass? Frege on the paradox of analysis”

31.1 Patrik Hulterström (ÅA/Försvarshögskolan): “Evaluating Wargame Experience”

7.2 Sagy Watemberg Izraeli (ÅA): ”Religiousity as Seriality” / Background reading: Sartre, Collectives

14.2 Nora Hämäläinen (Pardubice): ”Murdoch on ethical formation in a changing world”

21.2 Lars Hertzberg (ÅA): ”Ryle on habits and knowing how”

28.2 Stefan Giesewetter (ÅA): ”Does the meaning of a sentence depend on the meanings of the words in it?”

7.3 David Cockburn (University of Wales, Lampeter): ”Frege, Prior, and the reality of the passage of time”

14.3 Kevin Cahill (Bergen): ”Why Wittgenstein Rejected Carnap’s Conception of Logical Syntax: or, Wittgenstein at Davos”

21.3 Maria Balaska (Hertfordshire/ÅA): ”Wittgenstein on Heidegger on the nothing”

28.3 Antony Fredriksson (Pardubice): ”Václav Havel, Simone Weil and our desire for totalitarianism”

4.4 Olli Lagerspetz (ÅA/Pardubice): ”Collingwood and Winch on the Status of Logic: ’Aristotelian’ vs ’Socratic'”

11.4 Camilla Kronqvist (ÅA): ”What it makes sense to ask about expressions of love”

25.4 Natan Elgabsi (ÅA): ”The Existential Beginnings of Historical Writing” (For thesis introduction)

2.5 Philip Strammer (Pardubice): ”Reflections on the Relation between Morality, Togetherness, Praxis, and Meaningfulness in the Thought of McDowell, Wittgenstein, and Beyond”

9.5 Arwen Meereboer (ÅA): ”Failure and queer kinship in Sven Nordqvist’s Pettson and Findus”

16.5 Emma Strömberg (ÅA): ”Omvandlingar: Reflektioner kring kroppslighet och subjektivitet under och efter en graviditet”



Tidigare forskarseminarium (vt 2021/ht 2021)