Teachers and Staff (2022-2023)

Teachers and Staff (2023-2024)

Aminkeng Alemanji Atabong (Amin) is the head of the Master’s proAlemanji Aminkeng Atabonggramme and senior university lecturer. Amin will also be teaching numerous courses across the two years of the studies: Social Exclusion: Key ApproachesSeminar I: English Language and Academic skills for Studies in Social ExclusionSeminar II: Methods for Studies of Social ExclusionThe Geography of Social Exclusion; and Race, Racism and Antiracism.

As stated in Specializations, SoEx consists of specializations in history, philosophy, gender studies, study of religions (and theology). During the academic year 2022-2023, the teachers and staff are as follows:

    • Professor Holger Weiss is a professor of General History at Åbo Akademi who will be teaching the course Social Exclusion in a Historical Perspective in the first semester.
    • Heidi Jokinen is a University Lecturer in Theological Ethics and Philosophy of Religion
    • Camilla Kronqvist is a University Lecturer in the Philosophy department who will be teaching the course Social Exclusion in a Philosophical Perspective.
    • Khushal Naik is Doctoral Researcher in Migration Research and Study of Religions, MA in Social Exclusion.
    • Leonardo Da Costa Custódio is a Doctor of social sciences, post-doctoral researcher and co-founder of the ARMA Alliance, and he will be teaching the course Communication, Media Activism and Social Change.
    • Sarah Mattila is a university lecturer at the English Language department in Åbo, who will be teaching Seminar I: English Language and Academic skills for Studies in Social Exclusion, alongside Amin in the first semester.

Some important personnel in the programme to keep in mind and be aware of are:

    • Yasmin Nyqvist will be your Study Adviser through the duration of your studies and will provide study guidance and counselling. She is also the accessibility advisor at the faculty and can assist in matters like the need for individual arrangements because of a disability.
    • Sanna Westerlund is the Academic Affairs Coordinator and will be able to assist with issues related to education and studies, or will be able to direct you to someone who will be able to assist you with your specific issue.
    • Jasmin Slimani is a University Teacher in the Social Exclusion master’s program but also teaches in Gender Studies.
    • Islam Sabry is a Project Assistant for the Talent Boost Project and Program Assistant for the Social Exclusion master’s programme.

The Project Assistants will be working alongside Amin to help coordinate the programme to ensure students get the best experience possible during their degree studies.


Other non-program-specific contacts that are good to know and keep in mind are:

    • Jessica Nylund is the Coordinator at Educational Services
    • ICT service is the general IT support for staff and personnel, which can be reached via contacting the Help Desk email at helpdesk@abo.fi.
    • Klara Schauman-Ahlberg is the Study Psycologist at Åbo Akademi University. Students can reach out to her in relation to stress, loneliness, nervousness, mental health-related complications etc. Students can have 1-5 sessions with the study psychologist and all that is shared is confidentiality.
    • Petra Lindblad works at the Student Union and is the Students’ Rights Expert, meaning that if you feel that you have been unequally treated by staff or students you can contact her.
    • The Student Union also has two Harassment Contact Persons, Petra Lindblad and Sandra Häggkvist, who you can contact if you have been subject to inappropriate behaviour and jargon, bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment or violence. You can reach them via email at trakasseri@studentkaren.fi.