Where can I apply?

You can apply to the programme at Studyinfo.fi

When can I apply?

The upcoming application period is:

 January 4th 2023 (8:00am GMT+2) – January 18th (15:00 GMT+2).

What are the application options?

The Social Exclusion Master’s Degree Programme offers two paths:

        1. Master of Arts
        2. Master of Theology*

Who can apply?

You are an eligible applicant for Master’s level studies if:

    • you have a nationally recognized bachelor’s degree or equivalent to at least 180 ECTS or to three years of full-time study from an accredited institution of higher education,
    • you meet the language requirements,
    • you meet the programme specific requirements; i.e. your degree is in a relevant field for the Master’s degree programme that you’re applying to.

If you are graduating after the application deadline, you may apply on the condition that the required application documents are submitted and arrive at Åbo Akademi by 29 July at 3:00 pm (Helsinki time).


What is the application criteria?

The Social Exclusion Master’s Degree Programme has two application options, the Master of Arts, and the Master of Theology. Click here to find a list of related previous studies.

Master of Arts

    • Applying students must provide a relevant BA in Study of Religions, Gender Studies, History, Philosophy, Theology or an equivalent degree.
    • As a rule of thumb the applicant should have the equivalence of 60 ECTS credits in the major subject. In addition, previous studies, relevant work and organisation experience, as well as other merits and qualifications can be taken into account.
    • Student selection is made on the basis of application documents including a motivation letter and an interview (a maximum of 50 applicants are invited for an interview online or in person) .
    • Applicants with a BA in other subjects, should apply to Master’s Degree Programme in Social Exclusion, Master of Arts, and they will be able to choose any specialization apart from Theological Ethics and Philosophy of Religion.

Master of Theology

    • Applicants with a BA in Theology should apply to the Master of Theology option, and later choose either Theological Ethics and Philosophy of Religion or Study of Religions as a specialization to obtain a Master of Theology degree.

If the applicant is formally eligible for studies, the degree certificates and transcripts of records are always assessed individually by the academic board of the programme in order to determine whether the profile of the previous studies matches the academic requirements.

Language requirement

All applicants must meet the general English language requirements set by Åbo Akademi University. You can either prove your English proficiency with an IELTS  test or in the application request that your English is assessed in the application interview. See https://www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/language-requirements/ for more information on the requirements.

General information can be found at: www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/international-master-programmes/.

Find more information at: https://www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/international-master-programmes/admission-to-masters-degree-programme-in-social-exclusion/