Further external assistance in Finland

Further external assistance in Finland


Moving to a new country can evoke a wave of new emotions. Happiness and relief to start a new chapter in your life, while feelings of shock, stress, loneliness, tiredness and annoyance can also arise. All emotions are valid and truly understandable for such a big life change. Kindly note that you are not alone in these feelings.


We at the program hope that your stay during your studies will be as fruitful and vibrant as possible while being filled with positive, long-lasting memories. Meanwhile, we also recognize that there are various variables that we at the program cannot control nor do we always have the resources to support you in all your challenges. Regardless, we can provide you with essential information and non-academic contacts, such as where you can find support for your concerns and how to find assistance regarding your rights and protection.


Therefore, here, on this page, we have only listed some organisations, which can support your stay in Finland. Kindly see the list below for some external assistance that can be useful for you. We, additionally, encourage you to see the entire program’s blog and scroll through other pages, such as the List of organisations and NGOs. There you can find many companies that can also provide essential assistance for you while in Finland, such as African Care, Hilma, Familia, Sahma and  SETA.

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Mieli ry:

“MIELI Mental Health Finland is a mental health organisation whose mission is to promote mental health, provide crisis support and prevent mental health issues. The main mission of MIELI Mental Health Finland is to promote mental health and prevent mental health issues. MIELI defends the universal right to a good mental health.”

Mieli offers support and help, in the form of a crisis helpline (free of charge), support groups, crisis counselling and chat service.



You reach out to Riku if you have been a victim of a crime, ask if you have been a witness or victim of a crime or when you want to ask for advice on your options for what you have experienced. Riku can provide both victim support and legal advice. The helplines mainly operate in Finnish, however, you can submit the contact request and someone from Riku, with English proficiency, will reach out. You can also find plenty of guides and other useful material on their website. Do also visit Riku’s website to see what they could further assist you with.


Suomen Pakolaisapu:

“The Finnish Refugee Council is Finland’s largest expert organisation specialising in the issues of forced displacement and migration. ”

Suomen Pakolaisapu has various activities and support for migrants in Finland, and you can familiarize yourself with their services and work within Finland on their website.


Naisten Linja:

“Women’s Line offers services to people who identify themselves as girls or women and have experienced violence or abuse, or threat of violence or abuse, and to those close to them. We are here for you. You can call us or use our chat service. It’s free and anonymous, and the women on call are trained volunteers. We also organise support groups online and face-to-face in Helsinki.”

The women’s Line unfortunately has limited sources in English but they do have a weekly phone line you can call (on Fridays from 4pm to 8pm). You can also fill in their feedback form and leave your contacts if you want them to reach out to you.


INY ry:

“INY (Iraqi Women’s Association) supports immigrant women by promoting their position in the family and society. INY supports especially women’s education and employment, as well as women who have experienced violence.”

They have different projects, which have all sorts of activities and courses that can assist. You can reach INY by phone or email (found on their website).


Finally, but most importantly, in case of any emergency or when a situation requires help from authorities, please call the emergency number 112.

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You can also file a police report online, to report a crime. More info here.