Contemporary Discourses in Social Exclusion Book

Contemporary Discourses in Social Exclusion

Contemporary Discourses in Social Exclusion is the latest research project carried out by members of the Social Exclusion Master’s Program at Åbo Akademi. Two graduates of the SoEx program, namely, Khushal Naik (Chapter 8) and Alexander Rehnberg (Chapter 9), have their research published in the book. You can find the book on Alma.

The Book’s Abstract:

This book looks into different forms of social exclusion in different societies or contexts. The different approaches throughout the chapters demonstrate how social exclusion is conceptualised and studied in multiple ways. In addition to cases where social exclusion is fuelled by deprivation of economic resources and political and social rights, other cases highlight social exclusion fuelled by social constructs or cultural norms. Irrespective of its religious, political, social, or cultural underpinnings, different forms of exclusion often overlap with gender, ethnicity, disability, and other social categories (Silver, H. F., Chronic Poverty Research Centre. Sociology, Brown University, 2007), making an intersectional approach essential. While highlighting an intersectional perspective to social exclusion, this book aims at adding to the existing literature on social exclusion. The novelty of this book lies in the fact that some of its chapters contribute significant insights from social exclusion case studies with a regional focus from the South and the West. Also, some chapters contribute and operationalise theoretical and methodological perspectives to understanding social exclusion.


The Book’s Editors:


  1.  Introduction to Contemporary Discourses in Social Exclusion – Aminkeng A. Alemanji
  2.  Practical Methods in the Field of Social Exclusion: Advantages and Limitations of Q Methodology in Sensitive Research – Clara Marlijn Meijer
  3. The Future as an Agency of Social Exclusion: Analysing the Ethnopolitical Exclusion of the Igbo People of Nigeria – Martins Kwazema
  4. Religiosity, Social Exclusion, and the Politics of Hope in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry – Seth Tweneboah
  5. Looking for Hidden Notebooks: Analysing Social Exclusion Experienced by Teachers of Minority Religions in Finnish Schools – Milena Parland and Martins Kwazema
  6. Daring to be Different in an Imagined Muslim Ummah in Ghana: A Critical Reflection of a Non-conformist Muslim Woman – Charles Prempeh
  7. Are Albinos People like Us? Albinism and Social Exclusion in Ghana – Francis Ethelbert Kwabena Benyah
  8. Inclusive Dreams and Excluded Realities: Applying Social Exclusion Theory to the Analysis of Xenophobia in the South African ‘Rainbow Nation’ – Khushal Naik
  9. Australia Has Never Felt As Far Away As Now: Australians in Finland, Experiences of Social Exclusion During the COVID-19 Era – Alexander Rehnberg
  10. One and Free? Reflecting on the 2021 Change to the Words of the Australian National Anthem – Ryan Manhire