Vi-Ser (Visual Studies Seminar) starts in Turku next week!


guerlainDrawing of guerlain_metereorites_unsharp_binary guerlain_metereorites_unsharp_binary guerlain_metereorites_binary guerlain_metereoritesIntermediary level / ämnesnivå: Vi-Ser (Visual Studies Studies Seminar) now starts! As a student, you can follow the seminar this Autumn as a 5 ECTS course called ”Content Analysis in Visual Studies” (130027.1). Content Analysis of texts and media is an etablished method of social research, and widely used in evaluations of public relations and media strategies. With the increasing importance of visual messages in media, content analysis of images has emerged as a specialized field. In this Autumn’s seminar/course, we will study how linguistic theories have contributed to content analysis, but also get an overview of how technologies for pattern recognition have made automated visual analysis possible. These issues are related both to the development of Digital Humanities and the current focus on Big Data in science.

Schedule for the Vi-Ser seminar / Content Analysis in Visual Studies, Autumn 2015:

Tuesday 27.10 Initial Orientation: Digital humanities and automated visual analysis. Text: Lev Manovich, “The science of culture? Social computing, digital humanities and cultural analytics” in M. T. Schaefer and K. van Es (ed.), The Datafied Society. Social Research in the Age of Big Data, Amsterdam University Press 2016, forthcoming. Download the text on Lev Manovich’s homehage, here: & ssi: articles

Tuesday 3.11 Content analysis of images in the social sciences. Text: Gillian Rose, ”Content analysis I” in id., Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to the Interpretation of Visual Materials, Sage 2001, pp. 54-69. Read the chapter at EBrary, here:

Visual Methodologies (link only works from a connection to the system)

Tuesday 10.11 Content analysis as design methodology. Text: Martin Krampen, Die Welt der Zeichen: Kommunikation mit Piktogrammen / The World of Signs: Communication by Pictographs (bi-lingual text, illustrated), Avedition 2007. A pdf of the introduction (pp 14-48) will be distributed

Tuesday 17.11 Methods for Measuring Visual Semantics. Texts: 1) Hartmut Espe, ”A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Graphic Differential” in Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, vol. 14, no 1 (1985), pp. 97-111. 2) C. Lawrence Zitnick and Devi Parikh, ”Bringing Semantics Into Focus Using Visual Abstraction”, conference paper, IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern recognition (CVPR), 2013. Pdf:s of both papers will be distributed.

Tuesday 24.11 Automated visual analysis I. Text: Alberto del Bimbo, Visual Information Retrieval, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 1999, pp. 1-68 (chapter 1). The book is avalaible in Alma.

Tuesday 1.12 Automated visual analysis II. Text: del Bimbo, pp. 81-131 (chs 2-3).

Tuesday 8.12 Automated visual analysis III. Text: del Bimbo, pp. 134-198 (chs 4-5).

Tuesday 15.12 Automated visual analysis IV. Text: del Bimbo, pp. 203-258 (chapter 6)


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