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These courses will start during MARCH 2015 in VISUAL STUDIES

INTERMEDIARY LEVEL: Photography and the Moving Image (130026.1) 5p. STARTS ON MONDAY 16th! Fourth mandatory course for students at the intermediary level. Other students of ÅAU and exchange students can also participate. The philosopher Antony Fredriksson (see previous post in … Läs mer

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Perception, Imagology and Visualization this year

After the student’s texts last week, I will now publish some posts in English, due to our current courses in English and all the positive interest that we receive from exchange students! On this Thursday two of our courses in … Läs mer

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More blackfaces, types, stereotypes

Our Imagology course is continuing and at the same time Nordic media currently resound with debates that might be highly relevant to it. A couple of days ago the headlines in Sweden were about the decision, withdrawn within a couple … Läs mer

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Start för Imagologi! / Imagology starts in Turku!

Med friska tag efter sommaren startar bloggen med en annonsering. Särskilt för dem som studerar på kandidat-, gradu- eller doktorandnivå här på Åbo Akademi. Vår professor i engelska språket och litteraturen, Anthony Johnson (bilden) ger under hösten en ny kurs … Läs mer

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