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Freedom of speech 2: Jan Myrdal and Aron Flam

After of our thematic weeks about social and political aspects of comics, the following update by Fred Andersson: Some weeks ago I promised a Part 2 of my reflections on artists, satire and the freedom of speech (previous post). After … Fortsätt läsa

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Freedom of speech 1: Charlie Hebdo (again)

This week, when social and sociological aspects are discussed in our course about comics (also see previous post), we give you this update by Fred Andersson: Again ordinary French citizens are assassinated outside their workplaces for no other reasons than … Fortsätt läsa

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Our courses about Perception, Eye-Tracking and Comics

Hello! Here at Åbo Akademi University in ”Swedish Finland” (svenskfinland) the sub-discipline of visual studies has existed for 12 years now, and this blog has been updated regularly or less regularly since 2012. It has been ha channel in which … Fortsätt läsa

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