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Welcome again to Visual Studies – its 14th year at Åbo Akademi

Hello! This is still the blog of the Visual Studies minor at Åbo Akademi University and I am still Fred Andersson, a Swedish art historian who has been running this business since it started in 2008. Recently I discussed the … Fortsätt läsa

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Our courses about Perception, Eye-Tracking and Comics

Hello! Here at Åbo Akademi University in ”Swedish Finland” (svenskfinland) the sub-discipline of visual studies has existed for 12 years now, and this blog has been updated regularly or less regularly since 2012. It has been ha channel in which … Fortsätt läsa

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Visual studies and the body

Visual studies belongs primarily to the ”humanistic disciplines” or ”the Arts”. To be active in Visual studies has often been a way to combine Art history with Comparative literature, Media or Film studies, Sociology, and even Linguistics and Psychology. However, … Fortsätt läsa

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Perception, Imagology and Visualization this year

After the student’s texts last week, I will now publish some posts in English, due to our current courses in English and all the positive interest that we receive from exchange students! On this Thursday two of our courses in … Fortsätt läsa

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