Racial Justice, Racial Equity, and Anti-Racism Reading List

Starting September 2021 – May 2022 we will be suggesting one book monthly as our recommended reading of the month. This monthly reading recommendation will cumulatively represent our Racial Justice, Racial Equity and Antiracism Reading list. This reading list is a starting place to find resources that speak to racial justice, racial equity, and anti-racism.

Our hope is that this reading list could be adopted by the university as The Åbo Akademi Racial Justice, Racial Equity, and Anti-Racism Reading List.

Please send us your book suggestion @ socialex@abo.fi/ aminkeng.atabong@abo.fi so that we can collectively build this initiative.

Students and staff of Social Exclusion are responsible for this initiative and will appreciate the support of everyone at the faculty and ÅAU to make this initiative a success.