Martins Kwazema’s Doctoral Defense – The Irony of Economic Miracle.

On Monday, October 23, 2023, at 13:00, the doctoral defense of Martins Kwazema is scheduled to take place at the Helikon Auditorium in Arken, Turku.

Martins Kwazema’s academic journey with the Social Exclusion Master’s Program has been nothing short of remarkable. His roles as a research assistant and guest lecturer have allowed him to share his expertise and inspire countless minds. His co-editorship of “Contemporary Discourses in Social Exclusion” underscores his dedication to exploring the complexities of this vital subject.

But it’s Martins’ doctoral research that takes center stage on this special day. His research delves into Ghana’s December 31st Revolution (1982-1992), revealing the paradoxical nature of its “economic miracle.” Martins Kwazema’s doctoral defense promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of a critical period in Ghana’s history.

Save the date, and let’s come together to celebrate Martins’ accomplishments and engage in a stimulating discussion about Ghana’s past and its implications for the present and future. See you there!

In Loving Memory of Maryam Lashgarian

On October 9th 2023, we commemorated the passing of our student, our tutor, our course mate and our friend Maryam Lashgarian. She was also much more, a daughter, a sister and a mother and her passing left us with much sadness. During the memorial, family and friends shared memories and thoughts in her honour, orally or via the condolence book.


I also want to share a dear memory of Maryam, which I was unable to voice during the memorial.


In September of 2022, Maryam reached out in desire to make a tribute to show awareness and solidarity to the ongoing suffering of Iranian women as the result of the obligatory veiling. This act was especially to protest the killing of the  22-year-old Masha Amini at the hands of the Islamic Republic, which also resulted in women showing solidarity by cutting their hair. I assisted Maryam in coordinating the set-up of a table, which consisted of pictures, articles, flowers and a piece of cut hair, in the Arken lobby. This act and how it was set up with genuine thought, showed solidarity to the ongoing protest. The table was beautifully set, where many university students and staff took part and awareness and knowledge were definitely shared about the tragedy.


I wanted to uplift this initiative because I think it symbolizes what a beautiful person Maryam was. This act symbolized her passion for justice, not only in her studies but in her philosophy, activism and everyday life. She had a kind, loving and thoughtful soul and heart, which always considered the people around her. Her contributions, ideas and memories will live on, despite her presence will truly be missed.


Rest in Peace

Rest in Power


Additionally, my deepest condolences to her family. I hope you have strength in these hard times and that you are taking care of yourselves.