8 Ways to Prove Your English Language Skills for Admission in the Social Exclusion Master’s Program

Welcome prospective applicants! If you are considering applying to the Social Exclusion Master’s Program at Åbo Akademi University, one crucial aspect you need to address is proving your English language skills. This guide will walk you through the various ways you can demonstrate your language eligibility to ensure a smooth application process.

Understanding the Requirements:

Before diving into the details, it’s important to know the accepted methods for proving English language skills. Åbo Akademi University recognizes the following options:

    1. TOEFL iBT
    2. IELTS Academic
    3. PTE Academic
    4. Cambridge English
    5. National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI)
    6. Former exchange student at Åbo Akademi University
    7. Proof of language proficiency through separate assessment
    8. University degree completed in English from specified countries

For detailed information on the specific scores required for each test, please refer to the official Åbo Akademi University website.

Special Cases:

– Former Exchange Students:

If you were a former exchange student at Åbo Akademi University, you can use this experience as proof of language skills. Be sure to highlight this on your application and provide any necessary documentation.

– Proof of Language Proficiency through Separate Assessment:

For applicants who hold a degree that makes them eligible for the program but have no other means of demonstrating language eligibility, Åbo Akademi University offers a separate assessment option. The program will evaluate your language skills to ensure they meet the required standards for successful studies.

– University Degree Completed in English:

If you have completed your university degree in English from one of the following countries, your degree certificate and transcript of records must clearly indicate that English was the language of instruction. If not, you will need to provide a document from your university confirming the language of instruction.

Antigua and Barbuda Cameroon Ghana Kenya Nigeria Sierra Leone Trinidad and Tobago
Australia Canada Grenada Lesotho Philippines Singapore Uganda
Bahamas Dominica Guyana Liberia Rwanda South Africa United Kingdom
Barbados Eritrea Hong Kong Malawi Saint Kitts and Nevis Swaziland USA
Belize Ethiopia India Namibia Saint Lucia Switzerland Zambia
Botswana Gambia Jamaica New Zealand Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Tanzania Zimbabwe
Important Note:
Each student can select only one option from the list above. It is crucial to carefully consider and choose the most appropriate means of proving language skills, as your evaluation will be based solely on the selected option.


Additional Resource:

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