Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Failing to Upload the Language Verification Document in the SoEx Application

Applying to Åbo Akademi’s Social Exclusion Master’s Program is an exciting opportunity, but one common mistake can have significant consequences.

Many applicants, especially those opting for the “university degree conducted in English” option, mistakenly assume that uploading their degree certificate and transcript in the educational documents section is sufficient for language verification. Unfortunately, this oversight leads to the automatic dismissal of their applications, preventing them from progressing to the next stage.

Applicants who choose to prove their language proficiency through the “university degree conducted in English” option need to upload their degree certificate and transcript in the designated language verification section. Even if the same documents are requested in other sections, applicants must comply with each requirement separately to ensure their application is complete.

To safeguard their chances of a successful application to the Social Exclusion Master’s Program, applicants must meticulously follow the guidelines, ensuring the upload of all necessary documents and meeting each requirement in the application process.

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